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Michael Molinsky

Professor of Mathematics and Division Chair

University of Maine at Farmington


Spring 2014 Classes:

MAT 104 - Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II

MAT 251 - Linear Algebra


Michael Molinsky joined the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science at UMF in the fall semester of 2004.   He holds the somewhat rare and enigmatic degree of "Doctor of Arts" in Mathematics, which he acquired from Idaho State University in 1996.  A traditional Ph.D. provides mathematicians with the highly specialized education which is crucial to mathematical research. A D.A. degree, however,  is designed specifically to prepare college teachers, and requires learning a very broad range of mathematics over a large number of different subjects.  His professional interests include mathematics, education, philosophy, history, science, literature, poetry, art, music, theater, and holding loud, incoherent arguments with a giant invisible squirrel named Bernice.

If you feel a need to learn even more disturbing facts about Michael Molinsky, you could check out his Infrequently Asked Questions (IAQ) page.


Last updated: January 14, 2014